“Il Porto delle Donne” exhibition at Palazzo dei Portuali
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“Il Porto delle Donne” exhibition at Palazzo dei Portuali

Every Monday and Wednesday from 9am to 6pm until the end of October
The photos were taken by Elena Cappanera

“Probably very soon, the exhibition ‘Il Porto delle Donne’ will also arrive at the Chamber of Deputies, which was inaugurated this morning at Palazzo dei Portuali on Via San Giovanni. It was proposed by MP Laura Boldrini, President of the Permanent Committee of the Chamber for Human Rights in the World, to the promoter of the project, councilor Barbara Bonciani, speaking at the opening of the exhibition.

“It is a very interesting project,” said MP Boldrini, “because it breaks down prejudices, a sector that typically opens up to women, as all sectors should open up to women. Women go into space, they are architects, scientists, engineers, and therefore they also work in ports. This project was born to facilitate the entry of women into the port and maritime sector. I think that port authorities, port companies, and operators must be agents of change, they must invest in women, they must actively participate. I hope that there are more and more people who want to invest in women because when women are committed, business goes better, returns are better, and there is more relational capacity. So I hope that this exhibition and this project contribute to this purpose and I am very happy that Livorno is at the forefront.”
Present at the event were the president of Compagnia Portuali di Livorno, Enzo Raugei, and some female workers in the port and maritime sector.

The project ‘Il Porto delle Donne’ was conceived and promoted by the Port Office of the Municipality of Livorno in collaboration with the University of Pisa, the International Scientific Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities RETE, and the Cnr Iriss in Naples, with the participation of Compagnia Portuali Livorno, Uniport, Alp, Tdt, Lorenzini & C.

The photos, taken by Elena Cappanera, depict female port workers on the wharf and female seafarers on board ships. The images are accompanied by panels with quotes extracted from interviews conducted with the workers as part of the project.
The exhibition will be open for visits every Monday and Wednesday from 9 am to 6 pm until the end of October.”

“Il Porto delle Donne” exhibition at Palazzo dei Portuali
  • “Il Porto delle Donne” exhibition at Palazzo dei Portuali
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