Fabrizio Vecchi’s T5 Robotics
  • Sat 6 April 2024
Symphony Record Shop,
piazza Cavour, 23

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Fabrizio Vecchi’s T5 Robotics

Saturday, April 6th, 6:00 PM

In Livorno, at Symphony Record Shop, Piazza Cavour, 23

The book


by Fabrizio Vecchi



Saturday, April 6th, at 6.00 pm, at Symphony Record Shop, piazza Cavour, 23, book presentation by Fabrizio Vecchi THE ROBOTICS T5 (Edizioni l’Altra Città Media e Arti).

The book – In his novel, Fabrizio Vecchi tells a disorienting and captivating story: his is an exaggerated and surreal, over-the-top, rhythmic narrative that catapults us into a captivating story set between 1929 and 1930; an absurdly comical journey of a family fleeing from fascism in search of freedom.

To narrate it, the ink of a wise and infallible writing that describes, informs, disorients, and loads the reader onto a mega robot and accompanies them on an uchronic literary journey where only utopias exist. A ramshackle and audacious sequence of narrative inventions mixed with real historical facts and characters. An unexpected literary surprise.

Fabrizio Vecchi was born in the spring of ’78 in Rome. During his formation, he sold home subscriptions, coffee and sandwiches, books, gnocchi and/or pizzas, snow chains and/or car lights. Finally, relieved, he joined the military and, as a nurse, did not fail to practice injections in martial buttocks. Not surprisingly, after discharge, he landed in theater: it is now year zero.

From here, he writes for lyric (Animalaria), for prose (Qvattrofrecce), for cinema (Three Days Later), for comic strips (Lvi Lei L’altra), for fiction (Flowers in the Sky), for musical films (BLV), for radio drama (The 4 Stajvni).

Fabrizio Vecchi’s T5 Robotics
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