The first two paragraphs
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The first two paragraphs

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The first two shots are the key to this journey, a walk through jazz. I’ve grouped these shots with the intention of creating a path where I can immerse myself in what I see with my music photographer’s work.

The first two shots are usually the time given to music news photographers to do their work during a concert. And then… and before… and during… I often dwell on the fact that everyone who goes to see a concert for about an hour and a half has only one point of view, they see and will remember that concert, from that precise point of view, unaware of what happened before, unaware of what will happen immediately after, and unaware of what happens during.

A concert beyond the artist. I would like to take you beyond those first two shots. Having the opportunity to move and continue taking photos from other points of view gives me a comprehensive view, allows me to experience the transformation from person to artist, to experience an event that becomes a performance, offering a path to share multiple points of view of my way of telling music.” David Morresi

From 2008 to 2012 collaboration with the editorial team of Derzeit Berlin fashion week daily. In 2010, he began his collaboration with Umbria Jazz Festival which continues to this day as an official photographer following their events and concerts of the various editions, from the summer one in Perugia to the winter one in Orvieto passing through the autumn one in Terni.

He is a stage and backstage photographer for Jazzlife, the documentary series under the Umbria Jazz brand, a project born from the collaboration between the Festival and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to tell the Italian artistic and cultural heritage, through the eyes and notes of musicians who best represent the Italian jazz music scene. At the same time, he carries out photographic services for ceremonies, events, and companies.”

The first two paragraphs
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