Film Lessons “The History, The Stories”
  • Sat 28 October 2023
Auditorium Museo Storia Naturale,
Via Roma, 234, 57127 Livorno LI

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Film Lessons “The History, The Stories”

The cost of each individual lesson is € 7.00 full price; € 5.00 reduced price (for members of 50&Più, Centro Studi Commedia all’Italiana and Circolo Kinoglaz, young people up to 25 years old). The cost of the marathon lesson is € 7.00 for the afternoon session and € 5.00 for the evening session; cumulative for both sessions € 10.00.

Students participating in the cycle of meetings will receive a certification to make use of any school credit.

Second appointment, on Saturday, October 28th, with the 7th edition of “Cinema Lessons: The History, The Stories” organized in synergy between 50&Più University of Livorno, Centro Studi Commedia all’italiana, Erasmo Libri Editore, and the Kinoglaz Cinema Circle, which for years have been promoting the culture of cinema in the local area.

At 4:30 PM at the Auditorium Museo Storia Naturale, screening of “LE CINQUE GIORNATE DI CARLO LIZZANI”, behind-the-scenes footage shot by poet and director Rossano Vittori of the film “Le cinque giornate di Milano” made for Rai by the great director to commemorate the famous episode of Italian risorgimental history. Speakers: Rossano Vittori and Francesco Lizzani, moderated by Massimo Ghirlanda.

The footage tells, through interviews with Lizzani, the main actors Fabrizio Gifuni and Chiara Conti, the director of photography Blasco Giurato, and the costume designer Luigi Bonanno, the theme and characters of the film. A “behind-the-scenes” that, by showing us the making of some sequences of the film, allows us to discover the personality and working method of one of the most important authors of Italian cinema.

The film, which remained unpublished for a long time, was selected for the Days of Authors and screened last September as part of the “Great Festivals (Locarno, Cannes, Venice)” event in Rome and Lazio.

Rossano Vittori, born in Livorno, graduated in History and Film Criticism from the University of Pisa. A journalist and film critic, he has published articles and essays in newspapers and magazines, as well as volumes on the works of Luigi Pirandello and Ettore Scola. He has also published poetry books such as “La volta dei dadi” (Giardini editori, Pisa), “Il viaggio,” five lyrics for as many lithographs by the painter Vinciguerra with an introduction by Antonello Trombadori (Angeli, Lucca), “Passeggiando nel tempo,” with a preface by Paolo Ruffilli (Edizioni del Leone, Venice), “Colloquio coi personaggi,” a series of poetic portraits of great figures in art and entertainment (Eisenstein, Joyce, Giacometti, Pasolini, Eduardo, Anna Magnani, Marlene Dietrich, etc.), the collection of stories “Se vuoi te lo racconto” (Edizioni Erasmo, Livorno, 2016), and “Il segreto degli invisibili” (2018, Casentino Prize for poetry). As an author and director, he has produced television works and theatrical productions (he directed, among others, the staging of Giacomo Puccini’s “Tosca” at the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo, Spain, starring Eva Marton and Nicola Martinucci), as well as the short film “Il perfezionista,” which won an award at the Europacinema Festival in Viareggio.

Among his recent works are “Campioni livornesi,” a docu-film produced by the National Association of Olympic Athletes and Rai Teche, which has received several international awards, and “Tutto è nulla, la misteriosa vicenda della morte di Michelangelo” (Felici Editore, Pisa), written in the form of a screenplay with Pier Marco De Santi.

His docufilm “Le cinque giornate di Carlo Lizzani” was selected and presented to the public on September 28th as a special event as part of the “Great Festivals (Cannes, Locarno, Venice)” at the Farnese cinema in Rome.

Francesco Lizzani, son of Carlo Lizzani, lecturer and essayist, has participated in the production of the cinematographic work on ancient Rome “Imago Urbis” and later conceived and directed documentary series (Città come musei, Rizzoli; L’Europa dei Popoli, Poligrafico dello Stato).

Film Lessons “The History, The Stories”
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