Humanize club tour 2024 by Appino
  • Fri 23 February 2024

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Humanize club tour 2024 by Appino

Doors open at 10pm, concert starts at 10:30pm. Tickets available on TicketOne and TicketSms starting from 25 euros plus presale fees. Followed by a dj-set by Robetta Party: tickets can be purchased directly at the box office for 10 euros, first drink included


The Humanize club tour 2024 by Appino starts from Livorno, with The Cage hosting the zero date of the new tour with which the Pisan singer-songwriter will bring the new solo album around the boot (last tickets available). There will be, of course, incursions into the most well-known and loved songs by the audience. The tour will touch all the most important Italian cities, as well as the islands, and has already recorded several sold-out shows.

Singer, guitarist, and lyricist of Zen Circus, Appino has returned with an ambitious solo project eight years after Il grande raccordo animale (2015) and ten years after Il testamento (2013), the album that had won the Targa Tenco for best debut work: Humanize, this is the title of the new work, was released on November 17th by Woodworm (distributed by Universal Music Italy, editions BMG), with lyrics by Appino and music by Appino and Fabrizio Pagni, the keyboardist of Zen Circus. The work is a 360-degree artistic project enclosed within a concept album with which the artist tries to delve into the meaning of the expression “being human”, which is also the name of a specific function of production software: the reference, in fact, is to the effort of the machine to make mistakes, just as men make mistakes, simulating a constant error in an attempt to escape the cold precision of digital and create something that is as similar as possible to the imperfect product of a man. Over an hour of music without interruption, divided into 14 songs and 9 #hmns (humanizers) in which Appino makes room for others and makes way for real and proper human speeches which are fragments of opinions, sensations, emotions, and feelings narrated by hundreds of different voices. To create them, the artist traveled the country together with Davide Barbafiera, soundscape designer, musician, and actor, to collect voices from prisons, day centers, schools, and make a deep and rich choral narrative. The result is a journey that crosses electronic music, folk, prog, and psychedelia, singer-songwriter and ambient music, jazz, rap, and trap, defying the frenzy of contemporary discography, giving us an opportunity to reflect on our condition as human beings (who are also) digital natives. Doors open at 10:00 PM, concert starts at 10:30 PM. Tickets available on TicketOne and TicketSms starting from 25 euros plus booking fees. Following a dj-set curated by Robetta Party: tickets available for purchase directly at the box office at a cost of 10 euros, first drink included.

Humanize club tour 2024 by Appino
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