Helter Shelter + Gary Baldi Bros at The Cage
  • Fri 12 January 2024,
  • Sat 13 January 2024.

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Helter Shelter + Gary Baldi Bros at The Cage





The fabulous four (from Livorno) return to play after a period of pause and they do it right on the stage of The Cage: the Helter Shelter will propose a selection of the vast repertoire of the fabulous four (from Liverpool), who for over ten years arrange exclusively acoustic with four voices, three guitars and percussion. The lineup is traditional: Valerio Casini and Marco Capozzi on vocals and electric guitar, Giorgio Mannucci on vocals and acoustic guitar, and Filippo Infante on vocals and percussion.

However, this time the quartet will be accompanied by an exceptional band, the Magical Mystery Band, composed of Alessio Carnemolla on drums, Fabrizio Balest on bass, and Lorenzo Cominelli on keyboards. Helter Shelter was born in Livorno in 2008: four friends who come from four different bands that play and have played throughout Italy and Europe find themselves around a common passion by concretizing their boundless love for the fab four. Thus begins the detailed study of the Lennon-McCartney-Harrison repertoire and the idea is immediately to form a cover band by adding three acoustic guitars to the four voices.

After a few years, the four will return to The Cage to play together the songs of the iconic British band and put on hold, at least for one night, their respective projects: Valerio Casini and Marco Capocci are in fact members of The Candydates and the Bad Love Experience (Valerio on vocals and guitar, Marco on guitar), Giorgio Mannucci is engaged in a solo project with which he won the Ciampi Award in 2023 in the cover category, and Filippo Infante, former member of Lip Colour Revolution, is part of the Mustacchi Ensemble.

Doors open at 10 p.m.; concert starts at 10:30 p.m.. Tickets available on TicketSms for 10 euros. Following the concert, there will be a DJ-set by Mainstream for night lovers: tickets available at the door for 10 euros, first drink included.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 13th – New Year’s Encore at The Cage with the Gary Baldi Bros: the Livorno band bets on a better 2024 than the past year and announces a surprise for all the fans who were disappointed by the New Year’s concert at Terrazza Mascagni which was interrupted due to heavy rain. The Gary Baldi Bros will play at the Villa Corridi theater to celebrate together again, dancing till midnight: “Too disappointing for everyone to do a half-show, even if due to weather conditions – they write on social media – it’s too little to play for half an hour in front of a crowd gathered in the square to celebrate”.

And so, we return to celebrate at The Cage with a concert that will be a real gift: tickets are already sold out for the evening. It is mandatory to dress appropriately, even better if it is the same dress code as last December 31st, in order to take a real revenge on 2023. Bring on the sequins, the glitter, the starched clothes, and the standard red! Tickets are available in advance on TicketSms. The Gary Baldi Bros were born in Livorno over ten years ago around the idea of what they define as Trockadance: a mix that combines the themes of the ’90s hits, pop, rock, and that secret ingredient on the verge of theater and madness that can only be understood by seeing them in one of their prodigious live performances.

The lineup remains the same: Emiliano Geppetti on vocals, Carlo Bosco on piano and synth, Raffaele Commone on drums, Valerio Dentone on bass, Michele Ceccarini on guitar, and Giacomo Parisi on percussion.

Doors open at 10 p.m.; concert starts at 10:30 p.m. Following that, until late at night, the Saturday DJ-set will be curated by My Generation Cage Night Party; tickets available at the door for 10 euros, first drink included.

Helter Shelter + Gary Baldi Bros at The Cage
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