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House of Sitrì

Friday 8th March

HAUS OF SITRÌ 🎤🎸 • 22:30

Next Friday branded Haus of Sitrì will fall on a special and highly symbolic day: on March 8th, in fact, even at the small theater of Villa Corridi, women’s rights will be celebrated and their economic, political, and social achievements will be commemorated. And while International Women’s Day has now become an occasion for disengagement and rituals marked by hedonism and bad taste for decades, the appointment at The Cage aims to be yes an opportunity for fun and light-heartedness, but without forgetting the importance and urgency of feminist claims. A political space in which to reaffirm themes that may seem very distant from a disco night, but are actually central for the organizers of Haus of Sitrì, its queens, and Arcigay Livorno. “8th March, contrary to what is believed, is not a day of celebration but International Women’s Day – explains the president of Arcigay Livorno Martina Cardamone – a moment of fight and healthy transfeminist rage to place the claims of women, queer subjectivities, and all marginalized categories at the center, and to dismantle the heterocispatriarchal culture that has been guiding our society for centuries”. No striptease, therefore, nor tired clichés that presuppose the ostentatious display of worn-out female (and male) stereotypes: at The Cage we dance, and we have fun, but we also reflect. The staff will be unchanged and will celebrate March 8th with the irreverent style of Madame Sitrì and with great respect for feminist demands and claims, following a language, that of drag, which is feminist by statute. Waiting for you are Christine Lacroix, Lalique Chouette, La Marchesa, Luca Dieci, Robyn Folie and Stella Botox. On the console, for a super-pop night, the special guest Matthew Wonderbratz directly from Red in Bologna and Padova Pride Village. Tickets available for purchase at the box office at a cost of 10 euros, 8 euros for Arcigay members, first drink included.

House of Sitrì
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