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From the late 70s he begins to frequent the Romagna music scene, from the punk of the first experiences with Potemkin to the sound research and electro/electronic experiments with Roberto Zoli and Politrio in the fermenting panorama of the anarcho/independent music of those years, he learns to deal with the technical side of things. It is in fact as a sound technician that he comes to collaborate with Litfiba towards the second half of the 1980s. The meeting with Gianni Maroccolo, bassist of the Florentine group, marks the beginning of a collaboration that lasts over the years, from the productions of Beau Geste, Timoria, CCCP, to the participation as a musician in “Epica Etica Etnica e Pathos”, the latest album of the Emilian group and starting point of all the subsequent projects together with Ferretti, Zamboni, Magnelli, Di Marco and Maroccolo himself, namely CSI, PGR and POST CSI.
An tireless commuter between Italy and France, parallel to the birth and growth of the CSI, for five years he lives the adventure of Noir Desir, as a live and studio sound technician of the transalpine band maturing a musical sensitivity that brings him back to the origins of punk and rock without frills.
In 1998 his first album “Che fine ha fatto Lazlotoz” comes out for Sonica, label of the Independent Producers Consortium, a collection of unreleased songs, half in Italian and half in French, which sees the participation of almost all his illustrious Italian and overseas friends.
In 2002 comes the second album “Rossofuoco”, this time there are a bit more songs in Italian and a bit less lyrics in French, the title of the album will become the name of the band from the next work.
“Giorgio Canali & Rossofuoco” is, in fact, the title of the 2004 album, released by La Tempesta Dischi, all in Italian like all those to come, followed in 2007 by “Tutti contro tutti” dedicated to Federico Aldrovandi, the boy just eighteen years old massacred with batons and killed by the police two years earlier in Ferrara.
In 2009 comes out “Nostra signora della dinamite”. The publication of the CD, which was already ready the previous year, is delayed due to the coincidence with the tour of “Canzoni da spiaggia deturpata” by Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica, album of 2008 produced by Giorgio, who accompanies Vasco Brondi for about a hundred concerts.
In 2011 comes “Rojo”, also released by La Tempesta Dischi.
Then there are years of concerts until the release of “Perle per porci” in 2016 for Woodworm, an album of cover songs mostly unknown, which are a sort of anthology of Giorgio’s musical history.
This is followed by “Undici canzoni di merda con la pioggia dentro” (2018), “Venti” (2020) and “Pericolo Giallo” (2023) all released by La Tempesta Dischi.
A separate note deserves the activity of Giorgio Canali as a producer. So much energy, poetry, creativity and anarchic beauty could not help but be poured into the sounds of many of those who have become, over time, some of the best artists of Italian rock. His hands are in some of the best works of Verdena, Le luci della centrale elettrica, Bugo, Marlene Kuntz, Tre allegri ragazzi morti, The Zen Circus.

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