Garibaldissima 2024
  • From Tue 25 June to Thu 27 June,
  • from Tue 2 July to Thu 4 July,
  • from Tue 9 July to Thu 11 July,
  • from Tue 16 July to Thu 18 July,
  • from Tue 23 July to Thu 25 July.
Piazza Garibaldi

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Garibaldissima 2024

We start on Tuesday, June 25th and continue until Thursday, July 25th.
Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9.30 pm, for five consecutive weeks, lights on in the square with a series of events.
All events are free and open to the public

Where? In Piazza Garibaldi

Piazza Garibaldi comes back to life with 15 dates spread over five weeks in the summer for the fourth edition of Garibaldissima, the event of music, theater, and cabaret by Fondazione Lem for the Municipality of Livorno and artistic direction by Claudio Marmugi.

The event was presented this morning, with the presence of Adriano tramonti, events organization manager of Fondazione LEM, Claudio Marmugi, artistic director of Garibaldissima, and some of the artists who will participate in the initiative.

The event maintains its usual freshness. A small popular square, a jewel in the heart of Livorno like Piazza Garibaldi, with its stories and its History, comes back to life, pulsating with its own light and filling up with a show, in a real explosion of notes, laughter, applause, colors, and folklore with a high-quality program.

Theater, actors, comedy, musicians, all in the field in a light version, without special effects or details, just voice and microphone, exploiting all the magic of the natural stage of the square and counting on the close proximity with the audience. No tricks or deception.

It starts on Tuesday, June 25, and continues until Thursday, July 25. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9:30 PM, for five consecutive weeks, spotlights on in the square with a series of events all with free and open entrance in Piazza Garibaldi.

Below is the program of the shows.


June 25 – July 25, 2024

Tuesday, June 25




It’s a hilarious monologue by and with Stefano Santomauro who manages to highlight all the comic-surreal potential of the Livornese cabaret artist known for his national successes like “LIKE”, “HAPPY DAYS” and the brand new GOD SAVE THE SEX. Santomauro is the winner of the 2024 Zelig Open Mic in central Italy. In September, the movie “The Return” will be released starring Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche, in which Santomauro is one of the actors.

Wednesday, June 26



Valeria Iaquinto

Since 2015: Artistic Director of “Cambiamo Musica! Together against violence on women”, in collaboration with the Municipality of Pisa, Teatro Verdi in Pisa, the Municipality, the University and Teatro Duse in Bologna; Upcoming on November 25, international day against violence on women, at Teatro Goldoni Livorno; Artistic Director of “Marenia’s got Talent” in the Pisan coast; Collaborator of Eliopoli Summer (Pi); Artistic Director of “La musica libera, festa della musica” (Mentana, Rome); Production assistant for the show “Le difettose” directed by Serena Senigallia, personal assistant of Emanuela Grimalda in the theatrical show “Le difettose”, in the TV series “Un medico in famiglia” and in the movie “Assolo” directed by Laura Morante; Since 2006: Personal Manager of Marco Martinelli (singer, Rai host, influencer in the chemistry/science section); Since 2005: Personal assistant and collaborator of well-known artists including Grazia Di Michele, Marisa Laurito, Mango, Platinette, L’aura, Rossana Casale, Gatto Panceri, Mario Venuti, Antonino, Paola Minaccioni, Garrison, Vladimir Luxuria, Emanuela Grimalda, Paolo Vallesi, Mariella Nava, Michele Zarrillo and many others; Since 2001: Organizer and Artistic Director of the Singer-Songwriter Festival “DisCanto” (Pisa), of the musical association “Il Pentagramma” of Pisa and of the activities of “Agrifiera” in San Giuliano Terme (PI); Artistic, managerial, and musical consulting for several national structures and brands: Venues, Resorts, Catering; Show, theater, and television Since 2023: General Coordinator “Bailo Bailo Song”, the only official project on Raffaella Carrà, produced by Valeria Arzenton, with the participation of Sergio Japino, Madrid. Since 2019: Judge since the first edition of “All Together Now”, prime time TV show with Michelle Hunziker and J-Ax on Canale 5; 2012: part of the cast of “Un medico in famiglia 8”, directed by Elisabetta Marchetti; 2010-2012: participation with the group “Le Pagnottelle” in the TV show “Pasta, Love e Fantasia” with Marisa Laurito, “X-factor”, “Domenica In”, “Serata d’Onore”, and many others; 2007-2012: Solo singer in “Show! Tutti insieme abbondantemente”, theatrical show by and with Marisa Laurito on a national tour, directed by Manuela Metri with the orchestra of Renzo Arbore; 2004: Solo singer for “Dos Dos”, duo of Cuban dancers and opening act of Caparezza, Sean Paul, and other well-known artists; Since 1995: Vocalist, freelance musician, solo singer, and chorister on regional and national TV programs; piano bar in various Tuscan venues, solo singer and chorister in various bands and musical formations across different musical genres. Artistic Director, Musical Consultant, Project & Event manager, Vocal coach, with twenty years of experience.


Raffaello Zanieri, artist who appeared in various programs, including Unimattina, Momenti di Gloria, Beato tra le donne, Stasera mi butto, and Buona Domenica. In the past, he worked as a warehouse attendant, factory worker from his twenties in two companies, in Sesto and Calenzano, then starting in 1993 as an entertainer and singer in tourist villages, “entrepreneur of himself.”

Certainly one of the most artistically talented suitors: as with many entertainers, Raffaello Zanieri’s career began in tourist villages. Following numerous experiences, in August 2000, he presented himself as a vocal double of Ligabue on the TV program “Momenti di Gloria.” He reached the final and was awarded a special recognition.

In September, he signed with RAI for the program “UNO Mattina,” alongside Paola Saluzzi in the role of singer-actor. In the summer of 2001, he appeared as a singer-songwriter at the “Girofestival” in Terni on RAI3. His first CD titled “Raffaello” was released in June 2001, with the songs “Non vivo più” and the new “Dedicami,” written in collaboration with Luca Moriani. In June 2001, he hosted three out of the four episodes of the quiz game “Call Game” on LA7.

In March 2002, he was the reporter in Sardinia for the program “Coriandoli” on RAI 1. During the summer of 2002, he hosted the selections for “MISS ITALIA” in Tuscany.

From October to December 2002, he appeared daily in Telecom telepromotions during the program “La Vita In Diretta” on RAI 1. In November, he was a finalist on the program on RAI 1 “Si si è proprio lui” hosted by Luisa Corna. In this show, Raffaello showed his skill as a great impersonator, transforming his voice into that of fifteen singers.

In March 2003, he was one of the actors in the series “Carabinieri 2” on CANALE 5, where he played the role of a pharmacist next to the beautiful Manuela Arcuri.

On March 17, 2008, he joined the cast of “Incredibile,” the people’s show hosted by Veronica Maya on RAI UNO. Judge on All Together Now on Canale 5. Author and director of the theatrical show “Mamma ho perso una taglia.” Radio host at Radio Blu. Host for 22 years of “Miss Italia” for the Tuscany region.

Thursday, June 27



A series of scenes, where a historian tries to tell dramatic things in a comedic way, constantly asking if it manages to make people laugh, in a increasingly convulsive way until it gets lost

Real historical events will be dramatized, such as the June 2, 1946 referendum, solo plan, strategy of tension, maxiprocesso, Tangentopoli, etc.


Tuesday, July 2


Compagnia ARTEMUSICAL presents


The most famous arias from international musicals

The ARTEMUSICAL company was formed in 2015. The distinguishing trait is their passion for singing and musical comedy. The Company consists of a group of artists with diverse musical and theatrical experiences. Their show is based on musicals, in every facet, from Broadway to Disney passing through Italian musicals (“Notre Dame de Paris” and “Giulietta e Romeo” above all). The repertoire also includes classics of Italian theatrical tradition such as “Rugantino” or “Aggiungi un posto a tavola”.

Wednesday, July 3

from ZELIG, cabaret


“For more than twenty years, I’ve been a comedian traveling around Italy and sometimes abroad (first edition of the Cairo Mediterranean Literary Festival “Literature and Humor”). I participated in ZELIG OFF and ZELIG ARCIMBOLDI (Canale 5). My monologues and some of my characters were protagonists in the radio show OTTOVOLANTE (Rai RADIODUE). I published “The great book of Ma teee…!? Marital eroticism and other oxymorons” for Sonzogno. As Dr. Menisco, I play the clown-doctor, with “Chez nous… le cirque!”, in some pediatric wards in Tuscany.”

Marco Bellani

Thursday, July 4




Acoustic trio with Roberta Cingolani on vocals, Andrea Sonetti on guitar, Matteo Fusaro on piano. Exquisitely acoustic pop, with a pinch of soul and jazz influences.

Roberta Cingolani, professional singer and chorister, Class of ’68, Singing teacher for over 30 years. She began her musical career in 1989 with the Gospel choir “Jubelee Shouters”. Participated in Renato Zero’s project “Stellarium” at the Bussola Domani and in the TV show “Sembra ieri” hosted by Iva Zanicchi on Rete 4. Featured in various musicals, including “Voglia matta anni 60”, “Mamma mia”, “Moulin Rouge” and “Fosse”. She was the soloist in the musical project “Yesterday…dimmi chi erano i Beatles” and as a chorister for Andrea Bocelli in Lajatico in 2007 (vivere Live in Tuscany dvd sugar records 2008). In 1999, the singer recorded a CD titled “Covers” produced by Spazi Sonori in Livorno. Since 2000, she has worked at the Forte Village Resort as the orchestra soloist and chorister for artists including Matt Bianco, Annalisa Minetti, Gigi d’Alessio, Grazia di Michele and many others… and participates in the entertainment of shows organized for important companies worldwide, while attending numerous singing seminars.

She participated in the scientific research on the pancafit method applied to singing and presented at the international speech therapy congress in Ravenna in 2019.

Since 2010, she teaches modern singing and organizes musical events at the San Ranieri hotel in Pisa and sings at the Principe di Piemonte in Viareggio. She is currently a certified top-level EasySing method teacher.

Andrea Sonetti received his first classical guitar at the age of 8. A lover of Rock & Blues, he played in many bands in Livorno. He wrote pop songs with blues influences from 16 to 40 years. He shifted from electric to acoustic guitars in 2003, a passion that still leads him to perform solo in fingerstyle or in other formations collaborating mainly with many local artists in Livorno.

Matteo Fusaro, class of ’73. In ’83, he began studying classical piano with Maestro Ornella Filippi. In ’87, he continued classical training at the R. Del Corona Musical Institute with the concert pianist Maestro Osvaldo Nocilli. In ’88, he started learning jazz with local jazz pianists. In ’90, he joined a jazz ensemble seminar at the music school “La Cinquantina” in Cecina, held by well-known pianist Franco D’Andrea. Between ’90 and ’91, he began collaborating with local blues-fusion formations, working in various venues in the area. He attended the jazz harmony and arrangement course conducted by the pianist Maestro Mauro Grossi at the “P. Mascagni” music conservatory in Livorno in the academic years ’93-’94 and ’94-’95. From ’94 onwards, he collaborates with several strictly jazz formations. He performed in funk acid-jazz and jazz contexts, with the jazz-fusion Coalition group with guitarist Corrado Rossetti, bassist Diego Persi Paoli, and Carlo Cavallini on drums. He also collaborated with jazz singers Giovanna Iannotti and Francesca Celati in duo and in standard formations. In terms of disco, he was part of the Plissdebill group, with guitarist Marco Baracchino and bassist Daniele Nannini, playing funk and 70s disco in various venues in Tuscany and Lazio. In funk, he played with the Overbeat, with bassist Diego Persi Paoli and drummer Alessandro Brilli. He founded the Acquaforte project with guitarist Marco del Giudice, winning several competitions with their compositions: “Acqua” for the ASA contest and “Stufo” included in a compilation curated by Vitaminic and produced by Philips. Acquaforte recorded their first CD in 2004, produced by Spazi Sonori in Livorno. He collaborated in music education with the Atelier delle Arti in Livorno. He was the pianist for the Joyful Gospel Choir in Livorno, a well-known choir with several awards outside Tuscany, appearing on RAI 2 on January 1 and 3, 2006. In the summer of 2006, he created the RatPack project with singer Stefano Broni, Tribute to Frank Sinatra, with bassist Nino Pellegrini, drummer Raffaele Commone, and saxophonist Alessandro Riccucci. In autumn 2006, he joined the VOCI SOLE ensemble, a group of 5 choristers directed by Claudia Campolongo as backup for Paolo Ruffini. In the summer of 2007, he accompanied American singer Joyce E. Yuille at the Marina di Pisa concert on August 7. Since December 2007, he has collaborated with the young singer Manuel Aspidi from the show “Amici.” In the summer of 2008, he accompanied American singer Crystal White at the gospel concert in

Garibaldissima 2024
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