“Fragments of Feathers” at Vespucci-Colombo
  • Fri 16 February 2024

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“Fragments of Feathers” at Vespucci-Colombo

For The Afternoons of the Vespucci-Colombo Library, in collaboration with Erasmo Libri, Friday, February 16th, at 6 pm, in the Main Hall of the Vespucci-Colombo Institute, via Chiarini, 1, presentation of the book Fragments of Feathers (Ed. BookTribu) by Andrea Sabatini

The volume is composed of a collection of stories. Among Native Americans, feathers are a symbol of freedom, courage, transformation, hope, and purity. The characters in the stories created by Andrea Sabatini’s pen undergo a journey, often painful like every change. Whether they are living beings, waiting souls, animals, trees, or puppets, each one lives with the hope of transformation.

The individual elements of this collection each constitute a fragment of reality: we find fantastic, children’s, surreal, psychological, horror, love, dramatic, and spiritual stories. “Because in the end,” says the author, “we are poets, artists, and geniuses as much as we are murderers, outcasts, and ruthless individuals.”

Andrea Sabatini was born in Pescia (PT) in 1978 and lives in Pistoia. He graduated in 2008 as an actor from the international theater school “Circo a Vapore” in Rome and in 2019 as a theater operator in a social context at the “Allincontro” Theater Space in Prato. A clown actor, he currently leads workshops and seminars in schools, theaters, and other facilities.

“Fragments of Feathers” at Vespucci-Colombo
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