Film. “Yes, chef!”
  • Tue 12 March 2024

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Film. “Yes, chef!”

Tuesday, March 12 – 9:00 PM
(France 2022)
Directed by Louis-Julien Petit
Starring Audrey Lamy, François Cluzet

Free admission reserved for Members

The film directed by Louis-Julien Petit tells the story of Cathy (Audrey Lamy), a forty-year-old chef who loves her job and dreams of one day opening a Michelin-starred restaurant. Unfortunately, things don’t go smoothly for her and due to financial issues and organizational complexities, she must face the obstacles of her profession from the very beginning.
To get back on her feet, Cathy is forced to accept a job in a remote area outside the city as a cook in a cafeteria in a center that welcomes young migrants. Despite her initial reluctance and dissatisfaction with starting this new experience, over time, the chef will begin to bond with colleagues and the young people, thanks to her great passion for cooking. Cathy will thus have the opportunity to forge new friendships and learn a lot from her new friends.

Free admission reserved for members
Amici Teatro Goldoni Association and Amici del Cinema “La Goldonetta” Association
Registrations are accepted at the Amici del Teatro headquarters at Antichità “Il Quadrifoglio” via Mayer 63/A
Membership fees: Amici Teatro card: € 40, annual validity
Amici del Cinema “La Goldonetta” Association card: € 30, annual validity.

Film. “Yes, chef!”
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