Festival Antani – Comedy and satire as if it was
  • From Fri 24 May to Sun 26 May

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Festival Antani – Comedy and satire as if it was

From 24th to 26th May at the Goldoni a three-day event in the heart of Tuscany, curated by Fondazione Livorno, which will bring together the best of national satire and comedy with meetings, performances, book presentations and the awarding of prizes in various categories of the festival in the Grand Gala closing ceremony where there is only one rule: “Antani, you don’t know who wins, or even who collects the prizes”

Missing is getting closer to the return of “Antani. Comedy and satire as if it were” the first and only festival on humor in Italy, with artistic direction by Luca Bottura, organized by Fondazione Livorno, which will take place this year from May 24 to 26 at Teatro Goldoni, via Enrico Mayer 57– tickets and reservations on festivalantani.it). Also for the second edition, an extraordinary cast is being worked on, announcing the first two names: Paolo Jannacci, singer and son of art, accompanied by his historic band composed of Roberto Gualdi on drums, Daniele Moretto on trumpet, and Marco Ricci on electric bass, will perform the songs of his father Enzo Jannacci most beloved by the audience, along with the new repertoire from his latest album titled “Canterò”, winner of the prestigious Targa Tenco 2020 for Best Debut Work. The second announced protagonist is the actress Brenda Lodigiani, also a comedian and influencer who arrives at the festival with her first book “Light My Fire” for Speling&Kupfer: introduced by journalist Paolo Maggioni, she will be one of the names that will liven up the Antani OFF corner. A three-day event in the heart of Tuscany that will combine the best of national satire and comedy with encounters, shows, book presentations, and the awarding of prizes in various categories of the festival at the Grand Gala closing where one rule applies: “Antani it is not known who wins, nor who collects the prizes”. A novelty of the 2024 edition is the call to action, extended until April 8, aimed at the festival audience who can vote on the website www.festivalantani.it for their favorite nominations to be brought to the stage of the final evening.

For 2024 the categories will be:

  • Best self-satire
  • Best humorous book
  • Best TV comedian
  • Indian Reserve
  • Best stand-up comedian
  • Best emerging stand-up comedian

After the collection of nominations, the names of the finalists who will rise, or maybe not!, on the stage of the final evening on May 26 in the splendid setting of the Teatro Goldoni in Livorno will be publicly announced. While waiting to discover the rich and surprising program that will keep the audience glued to their seats this year as well, we remember among the big names of past editions Makkox, Valerio Aprea, Antonio Losito, Gad Lerner, Alessandro Sallusti, Stefano Zurlo, Giulia Merlo, Marianna Aprile and many others. “Antani. Comedy and satire as if it were”, the first and only humor festival in Italy, is a project by Fondazione Livorno. The event is organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Livorno and Teatro Goldoni and is endorsed by the Tuscany Region. The festival is a production of Elastica. “We return to Livorno with the Antani festival – declares the festival’s artistic director Luca Bottura – having learned from the experience of the past season, collecting the best and tossing it in the trash. A necessary act to make the humor festival in Livorno even more sparkling and in step with the times. The three-day event on May 24, 25, and 26 will be an opportunity to celebrate irreverence, lateral thinking, and everything that brings a smile but does not interrupt the relationship with neurons. On stage, new and old friends of Antani who make the 2024 lineup truly unmissable between stand-up comedy, traditional press reviews, book presentations, and finally the delivery of the coveted Antani awards. This year the audience will propose the nominations and vote but then – as at the Sanremo Festival – we decide who will win. Thank you for your attention and enjoy Antani!”. “Livorno is perhaps, among the Tuscan cities, the one that best lends itself to hosting and organizing an event like this – says the President of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani. In this city, probably also due to its origins and the great mixture of races and ethnicities that have populated it, there has always been an atmosphere of irreverence, of joviality. A caustic, sometimes uncomfortable, sympathy that characterizes it and creates the ideal backdrop for this festival. Livorno has always accustomed us to all this, making it a normal thing, part of its DNA. Once again, I want to thank Fondazione Livorno and the organizers for this three-day event full of good humor and the many points of reflection it will be able to produce”. “Last year we inaugurated the new course of the Antani Festival on Humor. Comedy and satire as if it were – says the President of Fondazione Livorno, Luciano Barsotti – entrusting its direction to Luca Bottura and moving to the Teatro Goldoni in Livorno. Comforted by the great success with the public, which led to sold-out tickets for all three days, we could only confirm the organization of this event also for 2024, renewing our trust in Bottura and Elastica”.

  • Festival Antani – Comedy and satire as if it was
  • Festival Antani – Comedy and satire as if it was
  • Festival Antani – Comedy and satire as if it was
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