Woman, BOOK, another.
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Woman, BOOK, another.

Within the events celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th in Livorno, the exhibition ‘Donna, libro, altro’ will be inaugurated, conceived and organized by Enrico Pompeo, hosted at the Feltrinelli bookstore.

This is the presentation of three books, all written by female authors, who will engage in dialogue with strong readers, cultural operators, librarians, with the aim of investigating the female condition and a woman’s perspective on the world and on the most hidden situations.
The first appointment is, obviously, Friday, March 8 at 5.30 pm, when Giuliana Magli, teacher and feminist activist, will dialogue with Caterina Corucci, writer who will present ‘Red Ivory’, Mds publisher, a raw story, but with openings of hope, of a Filipino girl who arrived in Italy and forced to endure all the stereotypes and prejudices of our mentality.
Then, we will continue on Friday, March 15 at 5.30 pm with ‘Half garden, half prison’ by Alessia La Villa, educator and prison operator, and Leandro Vanni, Erickson, a snapshot on the role and importance of music in the lives of detainees. It will be presented by Camilla Del Corona, librarian and cultural operator of Itinera.
The last appointment will be on Thursday, March 21, always at 5.30 pm, with Cristina Trinci, writer and librarian, who will present her ‘Incomplete Beauty’, Fallone Publisher, a story of a difficult relationship between mother and son, with a sense of guilt, never fully expressed, of the woman, a woman from the sixties, for abandoning the dream of revolution for motherhood.
This meeting will be led by Cecilia Caleo, also a librarian, cultural operator for Itinera and coordinator of a historical Reading Group in Livorno.

Woman, BOOK, another.
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