“DoNnA,” the story of the scientist who photographed the double helix of DNA.
  • From Fri 24 November to Sun 26 November

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“DoNnA,” the story of the scientist who photographed the double helix of DNA.

The ticket cost is 10 euros for adults and 5 euros for students and children.

For information and reservations, send a Whatsapp message to the number 3334008642 or an email to the address uovoallapop@gmail.com


by Lara Gallo and Mirko Angelo Castaldo

with Lara Gallo

direction by Mirko Angelo Castaldo

visual concept by Emilia Trevisani

production by Associazione In Fabula

The Galleria Uovo alla Pop is happy to announce that it will host the show DoNnA within its spaces, included in the OFF Calendar of the national festival L’Eredità delle Donne with artistic direction by Serena Dandini.

L’Eredità delle Donne is the festival dedicated to female empowerment that aims to tell contemporaneity through its protagonists, to rediscover the role that women have had and continue to have in various fields of knowledge and society, and to contribute to the progress and legacy we will leave to future generations. This year is the sixth edition of the festival and will be dedicated to the mothers of the nation; women engaged in peace processes, against all forms of violence, starting with gender-based violence. Different generations of scientists, politicians, economists, entrepreneurs, activists, writers, artists, and environmentalists come together through thematic meetings, theatrical evenings, and literary dialogues in a three-day event from November 24th to 26th, 2023. In addition to the main evenings that will be held at the Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence, the festival includes the participation of 215 initiatives and selected events from hundreds of proposals that will animate the OFF Calendar of the Festival, which will take place in various locations throughout the country. Some examples include theaters, cinemas, bookstores, cultural institutes, inns, shops, restaurants, fashion boutiques and ateliers, art galleries, and photography studios, sports associations, and neighborhoods themselves. It will be necessary and important to discover valuable but unknown female scientists, enter female monasteries, or look up to read the stories of women in monuments and place names. And of course, discuss, talk, denounce the violence that women are victims of, the discrimination that marginalizes them, and the many disparities that still separate them from gender equality.

The show DoNnA, performed by Lara Gallo, fits perfectly into the Festival as it tells the story of Rosalind Franklin, the English scientist who in the 1950s took the first image of the double helix of DNA, the Photo 51, effectively solving one of the most coveted puzzles in science. A discovery stolen from Franklin by two male colleagues who went down in history as the ones who revolutionized the history of biology. A discovery worth a Nobel Prize. A Nobel Prize in which Franklin wasn’t even mentioned. Franklin died at the age of only 37 due to exposure to X-rays to capture, among others, Photo 51.

DoNnA can be seen on Friday, November 24th, Saturday, November 25th, and Sunday, November 26th at 7:30 PM at the Galleria Uovo alla Pop, Scali delle cantine 36/38, Livorno (https://ereditadelledonne.eu/2023/programma-off/donna/)

“DoNnA,” the story of the scientist who photographed the double helix of DNA.
  • “DoNnA,” the story of the scientist who photographed the double helix of DNA.
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