Korea. A matter of geometries
  • Fri 17 May 2024
Condominio via Gobetti, 40, quartiere Corea,

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Korea. A matter of geometries

Existential Geometries between Korea and Shanghai

Free entry event

presented by the Nesi-Korea Association

Friday, May 17, 7:00 PM

Condominium via Gobetti, 40, Corea district

Theatrical Monologue

by and with Fabrizio Brandi


in collaboration with Enrico Pompeo

Within the context of the third edition of Existential Geometries between Korea and Shanghai, curated by the Nesi-Korea Association with the contribution of various realities from the two neighborhoods and in collaboration with the Municipality of Livorno, will be staged on Friday, May 17th, at 7:00 pm, at the Condominium in via Gobetti, 40, Corea neighborhood, the Theatrical Monologue by and with Fabrizio Brandi “COREA. A MATTER OF GEOMETRIES”.
Free admission event.

The monologue was published this year by Edizioni Erasmo in the book COREA. A MATTER OF GEOMETRIES by Fabrizio Brandi, in collaboration with Enrico Pompeo.

The book – It is a story of the outskirts, of a neighborhood built with the debris of war on a triangle of land, between the oil refinery, via Aurelia, and the cemetery of the Wolves. The neighborhood is Corea, one of the many Coreas existing in Italy. A neighborhood that intersects its destiny with that of a priest who came from Florence: Don Alfredo Nesi, former classmate and friend of Don Lorenzo Milani.

“Don Alfredo Nesi arrives one winter morning at dawn, there is not a soul in the street, only stray dogs barking. They give him a room. One evening he puts on his coat, leaves the house. Outside a cold wind that cuts your face. He arrives on via Gobetti: darkness… Only a small street lamp that illuminates the sign Bar, the wind moves it ghighii, ghighii, ghighii… He enters, a great noise, a fog of smoke from unfiltered cigarettes. He approaches the counter and orders a glass of wine. Time stops, the smoke thins out, the voices quiet down. All eyes are turned to the counter. It’s like being in a Sergio Leone movie: Once upon a time in Corea…”

Fabrizio Brandi (Livorno, 1965) is an actor in theater, television, and cinema. He has worked with Paolo Virzì (The First Beautiful Thing; Like Crazy), and later with Roan Johnson, Luca Ribuoli, Eugenio Cappuccio, Francesca Archibugi, Francesco Bruni. He graduates from the Theater Research School “Laboratorio Nove” and from the Commedia dell’Arte School of Antonio Fava. He starts as a comic actor with Paolo Migone. He works with Barbara Nativi, Roberto Aldorasi, Emanuele Barresi. He has collaborated with the playwright Francesco Niccolini (Block 3; It takes guts); with Edizioni Erasmo he published a book on the show ‘Block 3’. Since 2016 he is the creator and artistic director of the storytelling festival Scenari di Quartiere.

Enrico Pompeo (Livorno, 1972). Italian teacher, author of the novels: ‘An Improbable Curve’ (Edizioni Edicom 2001); ‘The Dragon, The Guardian, The Stranger’ (Ed. Creativa 2016. Special Jury Prize ‘Alda Merini’ 2017) and a book of stories ‘Connected Writings’ (Ed. Creativa 2018. 3rd place in ‘EquiLibri’ 2018). He is a playwright and director of the show ‘The Bad Road’, sponsored by the De André Foundation. He writes reviews for ‘Azione Nonviolenta’ and ‘Offline’ magazines. He organizes art and communication workshops at the Montevaso Farmhouse.

Korea. A matter of geometries
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