Against the divine order
  • Sun 7 April 2024

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Against the divine order

Free entrance reserved for Members

Sunday April 7th – 17:30
(Switzerland 2017)
directed by Petra Biondino Volpe
starring Max Simonischeck, Marie

Nora is a young mother and homemaker who lives in a picturesque village with her husband and two children. The Swiss countryside is not affected by the social unrest that the ’68 movement brings with it. Nor does Nora’s life suffer; she is a quiet woman, loved by everyone. Until she starts publicly advocating for women’s suffrage, which everyone must vote for in the February 7, 1971 elections.

Free entry reserved for Members
Amici Teatro Goldoni Association and Amici del Cinema “La Goldonetta” Association.
Registrations are received at the headquarters of the Amici del Teatro at “Il Quadrifoglio” Antiques, via Mayer 63/A.
Membership fees: Amici Teatro membership card: € 40, valid for one year.
Amici del Cinema “La Goldonetta” membership card: € 30, valid for one year.


Against the divine order
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