Concert – Carmelo Pipitone and Digiovanni
  • Wed 31 July 2024

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Concert – Carmelo Pipitone and Digiovanni

At 10:50 PM

Free event

From Livorno to Marsala: blends from the world for music from the sea

Livorno and Marsala are seemingly unrelated. Influences from the world are their fingerprints: Livorno sinks its roots in multiculturalism, Marsala has experienced multiculturalism throughout its history, from countless dominations to the Arab origins of its name. These blends have become over time fodder and vocation for art and music. The two cities are, in fact, fertile wombs of artists and singer-songwriters of their own territories. But not only. Besides being lands of unique wines like Sassicaia and Marsala, the two cities are also and above all united by a strong bond with the sea. Livorno and Marsala represent, therefore, a visionary chimeric allegory of multicultural union as an inspiration blend for art and music from the sea.

DiGiovanni and Carmelo Pipitone, born in Livorno and Marsala, recently crossed paths. The two artists, for the opening night of Effetto Venezia, will combine their performances with interconnection passages where they will perform together songs from their individual repertoires as an emotional bridge between the two cultural and musical realities, an imaginative moment of blends from the world for music from the sea.

CARMELO PIPITONE guitarist, author, and artistic producer is in concert in Livorno to present his latest album “Piedi in acqua”, a biographical musical work that tells a slice of life of the Sicilian guitarist over the last 4 years: “They have been tough times for everyone,” Pipitone says. A part of reality that he explains in Sicilian language and not all those problems that revolve in social and inner daily life “It is a logbook, a new nuance in its pages”. With Marta sui Tubi, Carmelo has released 6 studio albums, a collection of the most important songs and has collected precious collaborations with artists like Lucio Dalla, Franco Battiato, Enrico Ruggeri and important stages like Primo Maggio in Rome, Italia Wave before Placebo, appearances related to the TV series “Romanzo Criminale” and prestigious participations in the show “Che Tempo Che Fa”. In 2009 Carmelo Pipitone receives the Insound Award as the best acoustic guitarist. The Marta Sui Tubi participate at the Sanremo Festival 2013 in the “Big” category, duetting with Antonella Ruggiero. In 2014, he contributed to the formation of the superband O.R.K., still active, with Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (Hypersomniac, Bersèk), Colin Edwin (PorcupineTree) and PatMastelotto (King Crimson). In the summer of 2017 he started playing with Dunk (Ettore, Marco Giuradei and Luca Ferrari from Verdena). In the meantime, he released his first solo album “Cornucopia” for La Fabbrica independent label (produced by Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari) and in 2020 “Segreto Pubblico”, the second album. Now it’s time for “Piedi in acqua”.

DIGIOVANNI is the maternal surname of Alessio Franchini, Livorno singer-songwriter and musician with a long history of stages (from the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo to the Teatro Della Luna in Milan, from the Paradiso – Amsterdam to Manhattan clubs) and collaborations: from Vinicio Capossela (with whom he has shared the stage several times, participated in the 2017 edition of Sponz Fest in Alta Irpinia and appears as an author, as a testament to that same experience, in the book “Come li pacci. Un racconto a più voci di dieci anni di Sponz Fest” published in 2023 by Baldini+Castoldi) to Gary Lucas (best living American guitarist according to Rolling Stone, co-author of Jeff Buckley’s most famous songs and collaborator of artists like John Cale, Chris Cornell, Lou Reed, Frank Zappa). DIGIOVANNI is on tour to present the new album “La seconda prima volta”, produced by Andrea Pachetti (Emma Nolde, Bobo Rondelli, Zen Circus, Dente), published by the LaRue Music Records label (distribution The Orchard/Sony) and indicated by the indie press as one of the most interesting debuts in recent years.

Concert – Carmelo Pipitone and Digiovanni
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