Songs Afterdinner
  • Fri 3 May 2024
Aula Magna Istituto Vespucci-Colombo,
via Chiarini, 1

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Songs Afterdinner

Afternoon at the Vespucci-Colombo Library


Friday, May 3, 6.30 pm

Livorno – Aula Magna Vespucci-Colombo Institute, via Chiarini, 1



Marzio Matteoli

For the Afternoons of the Library of the Vespucci-Columbus Institute, in collaboration with Erasmo Libri, on Friday, May 3rd, at 6.30 pm, in the Great Hall of the Vespucci-Columbus Institute, via Chiarini, 1, appointment with Marzio Matteoli with the show AFTER DINNER SONGS, which ironically will take place before dinner. Various topics dear to popular tradition, Tuscan and not only, will be touched upon, well expressed in songs, jokes, pranks, and more or less serious things attempted without any shame.

Marzio Matteoli

plays guitar, lute, and archlute.

In poetry, he improvises.

Even in health, he does not remain silent

He practices homeopathy and acupuncture.

Furthermore, he is a storyteller and stubborn

For all these things, he nurtures love.

In these activities always divided

What he will do when he grows up, he has decided.

INFO: Vespucci-Columbus Institute Library, email:

Songs Afterdinner
  • Songs Afterdinner
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