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FREE SINGING – Homage to Battisti and Mogol

A dive into the most beautiful songs of the legendary duo that changed the history of Italian music, magically performed by a band of 10 extraordinary musicians in a show carefully crafted down to the smallest details

Show starts at 9 p.m.

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FREE SONG – Tribute to the songs of Battisti and Mogol
“Teatri Tour 2024”

Arrives in Livorno, at the Goldoni Theater, the now acclaimed show in all theaters in Italy as well as the favorite of Mogol! .
The concert is organized by “Cose di spettacolo” in collaboration with Good Vibration Entertainment, the production company of the project itself.

WITH THE BLESSING OF MOGOL Free Song: not a simple concert but a great show that pays homage to the golden age of the historic Mogol duo. A dive into the most beautiful songs of the legendary duo that changed the history of Italian music, magically interpreted by a band of 10 extraordinary musicians in a meticulously curated show – Battisti. On stage, a close-knit ensemble of musicians who carry on this common project with great determination. After filling squares and theaters around Italy (and also in Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro), a great recognition of their artistic value comes at the end of 2015 with a sold-out show at the Rossetti Theater in Trieste, which also sees the extraordinary participation of Mogol himself, who gives the official blessing to Free Song. The experience is repeated in April 2017, when Mogol returns to the stage with the band in the Udine date for another sold-out show at Giovanni da Udine, and in August 2017 in Grado, confirming a relationship of respect and collaboration. In September 2018, Mogol is again with Free Song at the Roman Theater in Verona, on that occasion he is not afraid to exaggerate by stating that the band should play at the Arena next time! “Mogol after a concert told us: you played exactly as Battisti would have wanted – says the frontman of Free Song -. It was one of the best compliments. He appreciated the arrangements, he understood that we worked hard and managed to bring out all the music that Lucio had inside: the blues, the rock, the soul”.

THE THEATER TOURS A show with several tours behind it starting from 2016 in prestigious theaters such as the Del Monaco in Treviso, the Dal Verme in Milan, the Celebrazioni in Bologna, the Filarmonico in Verona, the Ponchielli in Cremona, the Olimpico in Rome, the Toniolo in Mestre, the Nuovo in Ferrara, the Nuovo in Turin, the Politeama Genovese, the Goldoni in Livorno, and many others, almost always sold out. “Announcing theater dates – declares the band – is always a great excitement and joy for us because even though we have had more than a few tours behind us, when we step on stage and find you in front of us there is always something magical… moreover, we are very happy to be able to reach new places where we are sure that the love for Lucio Battisti will be as strong as in all the other cities that we have touched so far!”

THE SHOW With the production of Good Vibrations Entertainment, Free Song is born from Fabio “Red” Rosso “The idea came from me – comments the singer – I had the desire to pay tribute to the greatest artist of Italian music. Free Song is not a mere copy of the original, there are no disguises to emulate and the audience appreciates it, with the musical direction of Giovanni Vianelli. The band presents a show that pays tribute to Battisti and Mogol but goes far beyond simply performing covers of the classic songs in their repertoire: Free Song, in fact, reinterprets the originals while maintaining a certain adherence but trying not to be a simple copy, putting their own personality and musical sensitivity into it and bringing out all the blues and rock soul that Battisti had. The band’s frontman explains: “After studying his music a lot, Battisti surprised me even more. In my opinion, he was the greatest artist ever to cross the Italian music scene, in terms of quantity and quality of songs. “A genius of melody” as David Bowie defined him. And then, I also love his voice. When I’m on stage, I have great respect for what I do, I mean towards him, and I always hope to do it in the best way. Of course, I give my all. And I hope to transmit it to the audience. It is a show studied in great detail, nothing is left to chance, meticulous arrangements, dynamics, and staging, video projections. In short, we have put our hearts into it.”

Giovanni Vianelli adds: “As for me, there is no intention to make the sound of Lucio Battisti’s songs “current”. We only seek the right sound within the limits of our possibilities, and we do it not in a current way, but deliberately in a classic way: we don’t use clicks except as an initial reference, no sequences, we synchronize spontaneously with the videos, we play with the good old rock instrumentation, we go on stage with ten members disregarding the current market needs. These are things that our audience appreciates, and I totally agree with them! Every great band learns from others but must search for its own sound, otherwise, it will be just a bad copy, it’s inevitable. In our band, each musician has their own style and is loved for their style. I take care of channeling it into the song.”

IN THE STUDIO In the summer of 2017, the band’s album was released, composed of songs recorded live in the studio (at the Urban Recording of the Casa della Musica in Trieste) and in Italian theaters. Recently, the second CD was released, also made between concerts and direct recording in the studio, containing ten songs recorded at the Urban Studio of the Casa della Musica by Fulvio Zafret and mastered in the USA, at Sterling Sound in Nashville. The band is already working on a third chapter.

THE LINEUP The vocals of Fabio “Red” Rosso, the piano and musical direction of Giovanni Vianelli, the guitars of Emanuele “Graffo” Grafitti and Luigi Di Campo, Alessandro Sala on bass and computer programming, Jimmy Bolco on drums, Marco Vattovani on percussion and drums, Luca Piccolo on keyboards, the beautiful voices of Joy Jenkins and Michela Grilli, the videos by Francesco Termini and Giulio Ladini, and the exceptional sound engineers Ricky Carioti (sound engineer for Elisa and Gianna Nannini) and Jan Baruca perform songs like “La canzone del sole”, “Una donna per amico”, “Ancora tu”, “E penso a te”… and the other great hits by Battisti that have made and continue to make entire generations dream. [And for those who have already seen them, in the 2019 tour, songs like “29 Settembre” or “Aver paura d’innamorarsi troppo” and many other surprises have been added to the setlist. Free Song now has a repertoire of at least 40 songs, so the setlist changes often].

GUESTS Free Song often features prestigious guests, internationally renowned musicians such as trumpet player Flavio Boltro (among others, he played with Michel Petrucciani), jazz saxophonist Marco Castelli, Hungarian accordionist Mihály Huszár (Branduardi)… More surprises are coming!

BENEFIT Free Song supports LILT (Italian League for the Fight against Cancer): you will often find their information booths at the concerts.

Ticket Prices: I Sector €38.00 – II Sector €32.00 – III Sector €26.00. Prices include the pre-sale fee.

Pre-sale is available at the box office of the Alfieri Theater (0141.399057 –040) and at any authorized Ticketone and Biglietto Veloce retailer.

FREE SINGING – Homage to Battisti and Mogol
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