Fantastic Christmas Songs @La Feltrinelli
  • Fri 24 November 2023
Libreria Feltrinelli,
via di Franco, 12

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Fantastic Christmas Songs @La Feltrinelli

Friday 24th November at 6:00 PM

New event at the Feltrinelli Bookstore Livorno

Giulia Pratelli presents

“Fantastic Christmas Songs”

Iacobelli publisher

With the participation of Flavia Russo


Friday 24th November at 6pm, a new appointment at the Feltrinelli Bookstore in via di Franco, 12. Giulia Pratelli presents “Fantastic Christmas Carols” (Iacobelli publisher). With the participation of Flavia Russo.
Fantastic Christmas Carols by Giulia Pratelli, with a preface by Paola Gallo, is a book that marks the anticipation of Christmas (or accompanies any time of the year) in 24 chapters to savor one a day, following the rhythm of the advent calendar, or to read all at once.
One song at a time, ranging from traditional pieces to recent releases, traditional versions and unexpected interpretations, each chapter tells snippets of history, anecdotes and curiosities about the origins of thematic songs and our Christmas traditions.
“This is a collection, obviously personal and partial, but, at least in intent, as attentive as possible to the different nuances of that incredibly vast world that is Christmas-themed songs,” says Giulia Pratelli. “By browsing through books, listening and rediscovering ancient traditions, I started to gather a small collection of anecdotes and stories that I decided to share by creating a small advent calendar: 24 boxes that hide as many songs. An adventure born as a game, in the few seconds of social media stories, then turned into a radio program and finally became printed paper because it is impossible to resist the magic of a time of year that, despite everything, brings with it a unique atmosphere and has a special place in the hearts of many of us.”

Fantastic Christmas Songs @La Feltrinelli
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