Buum! Rhymed stories, absurd, invented, illustrated
  • Sat 23 March 2024

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Buum! Rhymed stories, absurd, invented, illustrated

Saturday, March 23rd

10:00 AM and 4:00 PM

At the Feltrinelli Bookstore in Livorno

Valentina Fortunati


“Buum! Rhyming tales, absurd, invented, illustrated stories”

Albatros Il filo

Appointment for all children on Saturday 23rd at 10am and 4pm at the Feltrinelli bookstore in Livorno. Valentina Fortunati awaits the young readers to talk, act, and sing her rhyming stories, often absurd, invented, and illustrated by the author.

One can have fun reading and listening about a cauliflower at the hairdresser who absolutely wants to change color, and a mom always in a hurry who zooms on her bicycle, but no worries: there’s plenty of time to slide lightly into unknown places or gladly daydream, admiring rebellious splashes and drawing eggs with pastels.

Valentina Fortunati was born and raised in Livorno, where she currently lives and works. She is a musician and teacher: she plays classical guitar, mandolin, and banjo; she is a guitar teacher at the middle school with a musical orientation (SMIM) in the province of Livorno. In recent years, also inspired by her daughter Nora, she rediscovers the pleasure of writing and drawing, which she has always had since childhood. She creates illustrated stories, rhyming tales, wordless characters, as well as many songs for children.

Buum! Rhymed stories, absurd, invented, illustrated
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