Bosco and Geppetti in “Malamente Acoustic”
  • Wed 10 July 2024
Piazza Garibaldi

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Bosco and Geppetti in “Malamente Acoustic”

Wednesday 10 JULY


Carlo Bosco and Emiliano Geppetti

The Malamente acoustic (with pop influences) are Emiliano Geppetti and Carlo Bosco, two friends/musicians who have played together in various musical groups and collaborated in different theatrical shows over the years.

After sharing experiences with Lovely Rita and the Radio Stars, Gary Baldi Bros, “How much sugar (in coffee)? (between variety and coffee-concert), “Sezione G” (tribute to Giorgio Gaber) and the band Lo Zuccherificio, they have found a real harmony with this acoustic duo, able to switch from listening music to the most wild dance in a handful of notes.

Bosco and Geppetti in “Malamente Acoustic”
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