Bobo Rondelli new album Storie Assurde da Symphony
  • Tue 11 June 2024

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Bobo Rondelli new album Storie Assurde da Symphony

Tuesday, June 11, from 6.00 pm

at Symphony Record Shop, Piazza Cavour, 23

Preview of the new album by

Bobo Rondelli


Here is “ABSURD STORIES”, the new album by Bobo Rondelli. It will be released on June 14, 2024, but will be presented by the author, in absolute preview, at Symphony Record Shop, Piazza Cavour, 23, on Tuesday, June 11th, at 6:00 PM. Everyone who purchases the CD or Vinyl from Symphony Record Shop, colored in “Calafuria Blue”, in limited edition, numbered and autographed, will receive an exclusive shopper bag.

“Absurd Stories”, from the Latin absurdus, a scholarly term meaning out of tune, dissonant, marks the return of the Livorno singer-songwriter after three years from his last work, “Free Heart”. The album contains thirteen songs ranging from swing to singer-songwriter pieces, performed with an irreverent tone and politically incorrect lyrics, where irony tells a world of vices and scandals, affronts and transgressions, with a realism that denies hypocritical adherence to certain values only touted. And it makes you laugh, Bobo is in shape and at peace with his desire not to take himself seriously, dusting off some of his old “favorites”: from Absurd Stories to From the Balcony, he revisits them with the pop-swing of Musica da Ripostiglio, the Maremma band with which Bobo has just finished recording the album, under the skillful hand of Davide Fatemi. Finally, for the first time in the studio, there are also songs that Bobo has been performing live for years, like Beautiful Chiappona or The Gigolo of Rotterdam, but along with them there are new creations that we can’t wait for you to discover.

The production is signed by The Cage, which once again partners with The Saifam Group label for this album. It will be a new chapter in the solo discography of the Livorno artist, starting in 2001 with Son of Nothing, after the three albums released with Ottavo Padiglione (to which Last Madness/Bestial Beast was added in 2003), and continued with other gems like Desperate, Intellectuals, Drunks, For the Love of Heaven, or the tribute to Piero Ciampi, from Livorno to Livorno. Singer-songwriter, but also an actor, Bobo has worked with director Paolo Virzì, who made him a protagonist in the documentary (released in 2009) The Man Who Had His Head Bashed In and gave him a role in the 2010 film The First Beautiful Thing. In 2019, Bobo Rondelli’s autobiographical novel What Are You Looking At was released, and now he is ready to return to the stage with a new album, three years after the previous one Free Heart. So stay tuned, you will hear something beautiful, even absurd.

The album cover was created by Tommy (Tommaso Eppesteingher), a well-known illustrator from Livorno, whose work is inspired by the theme of artistic freedom and Bobo’s unique character in the Italian music scene. The drawing represents a typical nocturnal scene of Livorno, with details that reflect the popular environment of the city.

Bobo Rondelli new album Storie Assurde da Symphony
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