Benini and Schisano present “Ars Amandi”
  • Tue 27 February 2024
Libreria Feltrinelli,
Via Di Franco

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Benini and Schisano present “Ars Amandi”

Tuesday 27 February at 6:00 PM

New appointment at the Feltrinelli Livorno Bookstore

Violeta Benini and Ivan Schisano present “Ars Amandi. Let’s not call them preliminaries”

De Agostini

Violeta Benini returns to the bookstore with a book that addresses all stereotypes about sex and love and to (re)discover its infinite nuances. Ars Amandi is a real guide to shared pleasure. With Ars Amandi we go beyond conventional sexuality to discover a world with various alternative possibilities for pleasure, sometimes underestimated. All this through a new mix of simple and clear explanations and engaging narratives that teaches how to communicate with your own body, to discover under other points of view that of the partner, and to find the best way to be well together. A book that does not talk about sex as it should be, but as it can really be: healthy, carefree, imaginative, fun, very tender or very passionate, and different for everyone. With the simple and candid language that distinguishes Benini, the suggestive stories of Schisano, which complete the explanations, and many clear and effective illustrations, Ars Amandi helps to enrich one’s sex life and accept every nuance without fearing that something wrong or missing when you are happy and satisfied.

Violeta Benini, born in Argentina, is a multifaceted midwife and takes care of women in their entirety, from menarche to menopause, helping them increase self-awareness and find their balance. She deals with re-education and rehabilitation of the pelvic floor, with a greater interest in pelvic pain and sexual dysfunctions. Expert in Conscious Sexuality, thanks to her degree, training courses, and field studies, she is the author of numerous books such as “Senza tabù” (Fabbri editore) and “Voglio venire” (Fabbri editore).

Ivan Schisano obtained the title of first level Sex positive from the Italian Institute of Scientific Sexology in Rome. He is an artist, a musician, and a singing teacher.

Benini and Schisano present “Ars Amandi”
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