Extraordinary opening of the Cisternone

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Extraordinary opening of the Cisternone

Active reservations from Monday, April 8th through EventBrite or by calling 0586894563 or browsing the website www.asaspa.it

The works are finished and it will be a real beauty to be able to visit it. The idea of opening it to the city was shared between Livorno Municipality and Asa both from the structural and technical point of view. The Cisternone, built in the first half of the nineteenth century by architect Pasquale Poccianti and normally not visitable, will be open to the citizens. From April 15th to 21st, from 3 to 8 pm, it will be possible to visit the tank and the adjoining rooms.
The works on the Cisternone started in 2016 with the gradual program of strengthening the distribution networks. On the tanks, however, the interventions started in 2020 and lasted about two years because they took place in different phases at different times. It remained closed (not in use) for about 40 days, while the Setti tank for 15 days at the end of 2023.

– Independently and quickly through Eventbrite on the website www.eventbrite.it or from the App by typing Cisternone, Location: Livorno.
– Typing on search engines cisternone.eventbrite.it
– Framing with your smartphone the QR-CODE present on the home page of the ASA website www.asaspa.it
– Calling the number: 0586894563 from April 8th to 13th and from April 15th to 20th, from 9 am to 1 pm (Sunday, April 14th and 21st only online on Eventbrite).
– Duration of the visit: 20 minutes. Access to the visit is only by reservation. The visits will last 20 minutes and the groups will be composed of 25 people.

Extraordinary opening of the Cisternone
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