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Angelo Sicurella

Saturday March 9th


Angelo Sicurella is a singer, producer, composer of singer-songwriter and experimental electronic music. Founder of the band Omosumo, he also collaborates with theater, dance, cinema, and some painters. He arrives at The Cage with the 2024 tour with which he travels around Italy with his second solo album, Cigni [White Record], released by Limone Lunare Records. The album consists of 9 tracks and is a sonic journey between synthesizers, loud guitars, and drum machine that speaks to us about the inability to accept our failures and inadequacies in sharing our vulnerabilities, a story that crosses love in all its forms and shades. Written by Sicurella himself, it was recorded almost entirely in a live take between Posada Negro Studios by Roy Paci, Idigo Studios in Palermo, and the recording studio Limone Lunare, with a band of talented musicians: Carmelo Drago, Simona Norato, Donato Di Trapani, Giorgio Maria Condemi, and Giorgio Bovì. Angelo Sicurella speaks to us about love that faces the arid cement of rationality and challenges the world’s storms, to contemplate its end, and then avert it and emerge towards the light. White is only the metaphor of all the nuances of being, just as white is the combination of colors in the visible spectrum. An elegant, refined, and capable artist, Angelo Sicurella brings to Livorno a deep album, so passionate that it sounds apocalyptic. A reflection on the present, an invitation to live with greater awareness, to be present to ourselves in order to really change course. Even simply by asking ourselves how much water we let flow down the sink in the morning when we brush our teeth. Because it’s the love and care we put into things that can absolve and save us. Doors open at 10:00 PM, concert starts at 10:30 PM. Tickets available on TicketSms at a cost of 10 euros plus booking fees. Following the traditional Saturday night dj-set, My Generation Cage Night Party, tickets available directly at the box office for 10 euros, first drink included.

Angelo Sicurella
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