Depth of Field Laura Sgherri and Claudio Barontini
  • Fri 17 May 2024,
  • Sun 19 May 2024.
Museo della Città di Livorno e Museo Fattori

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Depth of Field Laura Sgherri and Claudio Barontini

Access to meetings is free and open to the public.

For information:

G. Fattori Civic Museum

65 San Jacopo in Acquaviva Street, Livorno

0586 824607

City Museum of Livorno

19 Piazza del Luogo Pio

0586 824551

Friday, May 17 at 5.30 pm at the City Museum of Livorno, Laura Sgherri (1990), photographer and visual artist of Italo-Finnish origin, presents Visions in Dialogue. Agnese Acconci will introduce.
Sgherri’s visual expression is strongly influenced by nature, material, and the experiential nature of the creative process itself. In photography, she explores the aesthetics of gestures and the connections that spontaneously arise between body and environment, paying particular attention to the psychological and emotional aspects of the act. When daily routine becomes a spiritual and meditative moment, when a momentary and fleeting balance is created between the human and nature.

The event is part of the Amico Museo calendar.

On Sunday, May 19 at 5.00 pm at the civic Museum G. Fattori, Claudio Barontini will be the guest for Photos, Anecdotes, and Books, an event introduced by Emiliano Cicero.

Barontini has almost fifty years of experience and numerous solo exhibitions, including one currently open at the Sannio Museum in Benevento.

The event will be an opportunity to delve into the career, encounters, and anecdotes behind the many photographs of the photographer, often dedicated to celebrities such as Patti Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Lindsay Kemp, Susan Sarandon, Vittorio Gassman, Franco Zeffirelli, Sarah Ferguson, King Charles III of England.

Claudio Barontini is an eclectic photographer and artist. He attended the Trossi Uberti Academy of Figurative Art and studied double bass at the conservatory. In 1973, he joined the orchestra of singer Milva, with whom he played and performed concerts around the world for eight years, including at the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York. It was during these tours that his interest in photography was sparked: he bought a camera and began taking his first photos in Paris, New York, Boston, Hamburg, and St. Petersburg. In 1979, while continuing his music career, he started working as a freelance photographer for the “Culture and Entertainment” page of the Tuscan newspaper Il Tirreno.
In 1990, he became a professional photojournalist and began collaborating with L’Europeo.
In 1995, he was called to participate, as a freelancer, in the creation of the zero issues of the Mondadori project for the Chi magazine. Today, he has numerous artistic collaborations and publications in national and international magazines.
Barontini consistently holds solo exhibitions in museums and art galleries.

The event is organized by the Municipality of Livorno with the Agave, Itinera, and CoopCulture cooperatives.

Depth of Field Laura Sgherri and Claudio Barontini
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